The Lady of the Rivers

This was my first go at reading a book based on historical events – not that all books aren’t inspired in some way by history – and I must say I was really impressed.

Philippa Gregory has been a well-known name in historical fiction for many years, and I must say this book had been sat on my shelf for a little while before I picked it up – trust me, that’s the case with most of the books on my shelf unfortunately!

My mum and sister have both read The White Queen and The Red Queen, but both had somehow missed this first book. The Lady of the Rivers tells the story of Jacquetta of Luxembourg, mother of the White Queen Elizabeth Woodville.

It’s a love story, but not your everyday love story. Not only does Jacquetta get married to a man she doesn’t truly love, John of Lancaster, first Duke of Bedford, she then falls in love with his squire, Richard Woodville.

Once the old Duke dies, Richard and Jacquetta are free to be wed, and have about a bajillion children, one of whom will one day become Queen of England.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, my first glimpse into Philippa Gregory’s writing and into historical fiction, and can’t wait to dig in to more in the future!

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