Review: My Map of You | Isabelle Broom

It’s not often that after reading a book I immediately pick something else up by the same author, but after reading A Year and a Day by Isabelle Broom, I couldn’t help myself, and went straight on to My Map of You.

Another Broom novel mostly set abroad, much like A Year and a Day, which is set in Prague, this book made me want to go travelling.

Set in Zakynthos, this tale follows Holly as she struggles to find out more about the aunt she never knew, who left her a Greek house in her will.

Along the way, she uncovers mysteries surrounding the mum she lost at a young age, and about the father she never met.

As well as going on an emotional rollercoaster with Holly, readers are drawn into the stunning surroundings of Zakynthos, with Broom’s narrative transporting you into the Greek sunshine.

I found I was absolutely hooked, and much like with A Year and a Day, I finished this book in a matter of days.

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