Review: A Year and a Day | Isabelle Broom

I’m going to start this review by saying that yet again, it was a book I absolutely loved, which I devoured in the space of a weekend.

Isabelle Broom is one of those authors who will make you want to travel, if you didn’t want to already. And if you did, you’ll love soaking up the different cultures and feeling like you’re actually there, even if like me, you’re ready it curled up in your conservatory on a rainy day.

Each book is set in a different country or city, and A Year and a Day takes the reader to beautiful Prague. Not only does it tell the story of the characters it follows, but also adds in some wonderful details about the city itself, acting as a guidebook of sorts to all the places you’d need to visit if you ever went.

Three sets of characters, all from the UK, find their lives intertwining when they arrive at the same hotel in the city. Granted it’s more the women who make it into a group, but the men play their part.

I won’t go far enough to give away what they get up to, but trust me, even though it appears to be a piece of chick lit, this book has real depth and mystery, and you’ll be wishing you could find out more about the characters by the end.

In fact, I loved this book so much that I went completely off my usual varied reading list and picked up the other Isabelle Broom book which I own, My Map of You – I just couldn’t get enough of her writing!

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