Review: The Versions of Us | Laura Barnett

Seeing that this book was partially set in Cambridge, I bought it for a friend who lives there for her birthday. Turns out, she’d already read it – but I’m so glad I got to take it home and devour it myself.

This is one of those books you just can’t put down, and with three different versions of the story to digest, it’s difficult to limit yourself to just one more chapter, because you’ll inevitably find yourself reading three or four more!

This was the first of Laura Barnett’s books I’d read, and I’m definitely interested in reading more of her stuff. It was an easy read which tugged on my heart strings, and had me willing the three stories to become one.

The novel follows Jim and Eva, who meet in the middle of Cambridge while they’re both studying there – or do they? They get together and stay together – or do they?

This was a great novel to get my teeth into, and was founded on a really interest concept – that the slightest thing you do can change the trajectory of your entire life. If you say hi to that person at that party, something might happen that would have otherwise passed you by.

Barnett’s newest novel, Greatest Hits, is definitely on my To Buy list!

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