Review: I’ll Give You the Sun | Jandy Nelson

Having previously read Nelson’s The Sky is Everywhere a couple of years back now, I’ll Give You the Sun had unfortunately been left on the shelf at my parent’s house while I was down South.

I say ‘unfortunately’ because I’m so gutted I didn’t read this sooner, it’s a true masterpiece. Following twins Noah and Jude, the book flits between Noah’s 13-year-old perspective and Jude’s at 16.

From switching between the perspectives to tell the story, the book really comes into its own as an exploration of the human psyche, of how brothers and sisters can turn against each other through the most unfortunate events, but how no matter what, something will draw them back.

Although I think I related more to Jude than to Noah, my heart definitely went out to the 13-year-old narrator left confused by his feelings and actions as he tries to find himself.

Now I just need Nelson to release something else for me to get absorbed in!

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