My fitbit obsession

So, I’m definitely one of those people that gets a bit addicted to seeing progress.

Over the years I have tried time and time again to lose weight, tone up, get fitter and more active, and although I wouldn’t say I’d completely failed, I’ve never been the epitome of success either.

But recently I’ve been giving my fitbit another go (I got bored of having to charge it before), and I think I might actually be a bit addicted to checking it.

Not only am I absolutely THRILLED to see all of the bits at the top – calories, distance, steps, and active minutes – go green each day, I also eagerly await the “weekly progress report” which lands in my inbox on a Tuesday morning.

Seriously, if every arrow isn’t pointing upwards – signifying this week was better than the one that came before – I’m so mad at myself.

I do feel like it’s going to get to a stage where I’m having to do my job whilst walking around just so I can log the 50,000 steps a day needed to beat the last week’s total of 49,750 a day.

It sounds ludicrous, but genuinely, I’m so obsessed, it could get to that stage.

Currently though, I’m thrilled to say the girl who used to let her desk job get the better of her and was lucky to log 2,000 steps in a day – the walk to the car park and back comes in around 1,800 – has today logged over 14,250!!

I just need to get to the levels of my friend Alec, who seems to constantly be at the top of the weekly steps leaderboard out of my fitbit connections, and is currently a whole 50,000 steps ahead of me over the last week!

Back to the gym I go I guess!

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